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Meet Our Team​​​​​​​


Debbie Chapin

Chiropractic Assistant

​​​Debbie Chapin, C.A. was born near Chicago, Illinois. But, considers herself a Texan being that she has lived here in and around Flower Mound for the past 20+ yrs. Debbie is married and has 4 adult children and 3 dogs who keep her busy having fun on the weekends. She also loves taking long car rides with her husband on the weekends or spending time at the beach in South Padre.

Debbie was in the medical field in her early working years in Illinois and has just retired from teaching after 20 yrs. We are excited that Debbie has decided to get back in the medial field where she can be of service helping others to learn about the benefits of Chiropractic Care.

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